It’s a blast… cabinet

While I’m still waiting on the vise I was inspired from a thread at VMF to make a dust separator for the blast cab.  The Amazonians have increased the delivery time another couple of days but at an almost $300 savings for the vise and a 4 lb hammer thrown in for free I can wait.  And so will the steering component rebuild. But I can refurb links and mounts in the meantime.

My cabinet is the smaller HF cab, about 30 lb capacity.  I’ve done some mods so it performs more like a pro cabinet with a few exceptions.  First exception it leaks.  Like the Titanic.  Even with a bunch of RTV along the seams.  I long ago cracked the glass (since replaced), it had no light when I bought it and the gun and tips aren’t that good.  The material hopper doesn’t settle so well so you need to move it back to the pickup tube by hand.  But it’s inexpensive.  It can be made to more of a pro level with minimal cost.  Minimal compared to buying a new higher end cab.  A good high end cab will be a grand plus shipping.  You can buy and mod the HF cab for under $500.

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On the road again

I couldn’t wait to get on the road again…

No updates for a while but plenty of work.  And plenty of waiting for parts.  Since the last time there has been fuel system rebuild including carb, new pump and tank.  The sender was new a couple months ago so with these other parts it’s all fresh and spanky.

The motivation to do it all came from the carb rebuild.  When I was testing the carb rebuild the fuel was sort of a Gatorade orange.  The treatment I’d done to the original tank was still allowing what was etched into the tank to be pumped into the fuel system.  There weren’t big chunks only small sediment and the color.  The pressure from the pump tested good.  It appeared that was a replacement pump.  Still with the sediment and the aged looking pump better to replace now.  I got a Delphi at Rock Auto for $15.

When I pulled it out I’m seeing more evidence of oil sludging.   It is a 51 year old engine (the casting code says 51 years 4 months at this point) and I’m told the short block has never been taken down.  I should expect some and as in the lifter valley there is more here.

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Creaky old carb

When fuel is left in a non running vehicle (particularly for years at a time) it can do some damage.   Even though the carb was rebuilt shortly before it was parked time and chemistry took its toll.  And I’m sure reviving it from a temperate climate to a high heat, almost no humidity climate did it no favors.   I was hoping to get a few hundred miles on with the suspension, brakes and cooling before diving back into the fuel system.  No such luck.  It’s toast.  The more it was running the worse it got. By the time I got it all opened and inspected on Thurs it was too late to order something to be here by Sat.  I’ve got a kit from Mike’s Carburetor Parts on the way.

It was apparent the dashpot was shot.  That was already in the plan, waiting on parts (which arrived Friday), to help with the sudden deceleration/ throttle slam issue.

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